The Peak Experience

The Peak Tram Upgrade Project
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The Peak Tram which commenced operation in 1888 has proudly served Hong Kong for over 130 years. During this time, it has successfully transformed from an essential mode of transport to one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions serving more than 6 million passengers a year.


The Peak Tram’s popularity is now one of its challenges as the demand at peak times creates long queues beyond the Lower Terminus due to space constraints. To address this, a substantial Upgrade of the Peak Tram system and stations commenced in 2018. The Upgrade project involves a significant investment of HK$700 million privately funded by Peak Tramways Company, Limited. The project will:


• Replace the current 120 passengers capacity tramcar with a 210 passengers capacity tramcar. The larger capacity means new and significantly longer tramcars, hence the need to completely replace all the haulage and control systems, lay new track rails and strengthen the track foundations and bridges, as well as extend the passing loop and the Lower Terminus.


• Refurbish the termini to create additional queueing capacity at the Lower Terminus for 1300 people in a more comfortable and entertaining environment.








  • Foundation & Bridge Reinforcement

    Foundation & Bridge Reinforcement

  • Stronger Rail & Rope

    Stronger Rail & Rope




As part of the Upgrade Project, Peak Tramways will carry out significant upgrades to the public areas immediately surrounding the Lower Terminus, both outside St John’s Building and along Tramway Path, leading from the new Lower Terminus alighting platform. These will include repaving and new street furniture, signage and railings.





  • Increase capacity by 75% from 120 to 210 passengers per trip;

  • Reduce passengers waiting times by over 70%;

  • Completely remove the queues from the public areas outside the Lower and Upper Termini;

  • Covered and temperature-controlled waiting area for up to 1300 people at Lower Terminus;

  • Improved Peak Tram access for persons with a disability


Peak Tramways is committed to providing the finest service to its visitors and passengers and we have always strived to provide the best value for money for this exciting tourist attraction. The Upgrade will enable us to continue this 130 years old tradition, further enhance visitors experience and continue to grow hand-in-hand with Hong Kong for future generations. Temporary service disruptions and temporary platform arrangement are necessary while we take all measures to minimise the impact to all passengers, the community and the tourism industry.






End of 2018 Site works commenced (no service disruption)
23 April - 21 July 2019 (Completed)

The 1st Peak Tram service suspension

From 22 July 2019 

Service has been resumed with operation from a temporary platform at the lower terminus

From 28 June 2021

The 2nd Peak Tram service suspension

Date to be announced  

New Peak Tram system commences service





It will take approximately 1-1.5 hours walk from MTR Central Station to The Peak Tower.
A guide map in pdf format is prepared for you.