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The Peak Experience

Exhibition Highlights

Peak Tram Haulage Room

This section displays the Peak Tram haulage room which was located at the Peak Tram Upper Terminus building from 1926 - 1989. In 1926, with the decision made to upgrade the tram service, an iron foundry, Metropolitan Vickers was chosen to provide a new electrically powered system. From 1888 until 1926, The Peak Tram was operated by a steam-powered winding engine. Its impressive 3.5 metre drums hauled an endless steel rope along cable rollers installed between the main rails just above the track bed.


In 1926 The Peak Tramways Company completely refurbished its haulage plant, replacing the original boilers and steam engine with an electrically powered system. This was seen as a bold capital investment when many did not believe the tramway would survive the opening of Old Peak Road in 1924, which brought the first access by motorcar. However, the company was confident that demand for their service would continue.


The controller of The Peak Tram actually sits in the haulage room operating controls on a platform located immediately in front of and above the two haulage drums. The operation of the tramcars relied on close communication between the brakeman riding aboard the carriage, and the controller. Through a combination of bell signals sent from the tram, the controller adjusted the power input which wound and unwound the 1,500 meters of steel rope. The system worked flawlessly.

Peak Tram Lower Terminus
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