Getting To The Peak



All levels of The Peak Tower are accessible by ramps or elevators.


The Peak Tram is accessible to most visitors with disabilities including manual/electronic wheelchair users. Our staff are trained and more than happy to offer assistance to any visitors.


The Peak Tram is undergoing a substantial Upgrade of the Peak Tram system and stations, which commenced in 2018 and is scheduled to complete in 2021. The project will replace the current 120 passengers capacity tramcar with a 210 passengers capacity tramcar and refurbish the termini to create additional queueing capacity at the Lower Terminus for 1300 people in a more comfortable and entertaining environment.


The Peak Tram Lower Terminus on 33 Garden Road is now closed for construction. Temporary boarding and alighting platforms are located 70m uphill from the former platforms. This ensures we can minimise the total length of time that the Peak Tram service must be suspended, as we can carry out construction works in the vacated terminus whilst still operating the current Peak Tram service until the second service suspension scheduled to commence in 2021.


The temporary platform can be accessed via Tramway Lane and Tramway Path on a slope. The steepest section is approximately 9 to 10 degrees, next to the World Wide Fund Central Visitor Center (WWF Hong Kong) – see pictures below:












The current tramcar is designed with steps at the doors. Peak Tram staff will provide a mobile ramp to assist wheelchair users to wheel on and off the tramcar, with or without the users, subject to:


Width limit – 26 inches / 66 cm

Weight limit - 300 pounds / 136 kg


To ensure safety, lithium battery in electric wheelchair must be removed and hand carried by the passenger.


Public announcements for intermediate stations and the terminus are made inside the tramcars. An announcement and buzzer sound is made upon doors closing. Handrails are installed on the Upper Terminus boarding platform and yellow markings are marked on the edges of all platforms.


For better arrangement, we strongly recommend wheelchair users to contact us at 2522 0922 before arrival at the Peak Tram Lower Terminus. Upon arrival, you may contact our duty staff for assistance.