Dining And Shopping

Fujiyama Mama


Fujiyama Mama brings you a unique and fun-filled Japanese dining experience with a feel-good Rock & Roll vibe and sensational view from atop The Peak. The menu offers an extensive selection of Japanese cuisine mixing in western style with a sophisticated twist. Dishes are designed with inspiration from western cuisine and made with ingredients imported freshly from Japan. Its signature bespoke Cider Rita revolutionizes the dining culture by enabling diners to make their own drink while dining at the cosy place.

Signature Dish
Fujiyama Mama Sashimi
Kimchi Gyoza
Mama Karaage
Average Spending (Per Person)

Lunch: HK$150-HK$200
Dinner: HK$250-HK$350

Telephone No.
(852) 2870 0800
Payment Method
Cash / American Express / Master / Visa
Shop 205, Level 2
Opening Hours

11:30 am to 9:00 pm 

(Mon - Sun & Public Holidays)