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THE PEAK, Hong Kong's most popular attraction is more than just stunning vistas or great shopping and dining. It's an amazing collection of unique must-visit attractions, providing you with a diverse fun-filled experience of Hong Kong's living culture.

A Must-Experience in Hong Kong
Getting to The Peak is an unforgettable trip. There's nothing in the world like the Peak Tram, one of the world's oldest and most famous funicular railways since 1888. Pulled by steel cables, the tram rises from 18 metres to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. It's so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning at with a gradient of between 4 to 27 degrees! W hether you're going up or coming down, you'll love this trip!

Step Back in Time
Many years have been spent in collecting memorabilia from all over the world and planning the Peak Tram Historical Gallery. Some of the display items are more than a hundred years old. A replica of the first generation Peak Tram carriage have been brought to life and the 1926 Haulage Room is recreated which was responsible for pulling the Trams up and down the Peak for over 60 years.

The Peak Tram Historical Gallery is a way of paying tribute to the Peak Tram, its heritage and the history of Hong Kong. Since 1888, the Peak Tram has served Hong Kong, quietly witnessing the city's changes. The Gallery is a place that brings back many memories for local visitors and gives overseas visitors a glimpse of how the Pearl of the Orient has come to shine.

The Peak Tram History
The Peak Tram is arguably the most enduring emblem of Hong Kong's unique past. It has seen war, been featured on films and television and played host to numerous dignitaries.

In the early days (circa 1880), most people were carried to and from the Peak by sedan chair - a frail bamboo chair supported by two strong coolies. It was the most popular, if not the most comfortable mode of transport.

In May of 1881, the enterprising Scotsman Alexander Findlay Smith devised a plan to speed the development of new residences in the hill districts with the introduction of a funicular train that would connect Murray Barracks to Victoria Gap.

On May 30, 1888, Governor Sir George William des Voeux officiated at the inauguration of this important transport for the commuters on the peak.   Since then, the Peak Tram has helped to shape the face of Hong Kong's development.

See you at The Peak Tower
Perching on The Peak at 396 metres above sea level, The Peak Tower is the most stylish architectural icon and landmark in Hong Kong. With an avant-garde design representing the epitome of modern architecture, the spectacular tower has been featured in millions of photographs and postcards across the world.

Inside The Peak Tower, there is a dazzling array of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and highest 360° viewing terrace set against the beautiful backdrop of the city.

Sky Terrace 428
The highest 360° viewing terrace in town!
The Sky Terrace 428, the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across the Hong Kong. Whether you visit The Peak in the morning, afternoon or nighttime, the Sky Terrace 428 is a scenic spot that you could not miss!

The Three Reincarnations of The Peak Tower
With the growing numbers of recreational visitors to the Peak during the 1960s it was clear that improved amenities were required at Victoria Gap.

The construction of the original Peak Tower began in 1971. Housing the upper terminus of the Peak Tram, the Tower does not sit atop Victoria Peak but is situated in Victoria Gap, a dip along the line of the hills at an elevation of 396 metres. The Tower was considered a futuristic display of architecture and was first unveiled to the public on August 29, 1972.

In 1993, the Peak Tower underwent a HK$500-million redevelopment into a new retail and entertainment complex, designed by renowned British architect Terry Farrell. It was officially opened to the public in May 1997.

Work on the revitalisation of the Peak Tower began in March 2005. Relaunched in mid 2006, the Peak Tower has transformed as the most recognisable landmark in HK and an essential leisure destination offering great variety of dining, specialty shopping and interactive entertainment zone.

The Peak offers you one of Hong Kong's stunning countryside. You will be amazed of how close it is to the city that one minute you're deep in a bamboo forest, the next minute tower blocks spring into view. To many visitor's surprise, almost 70 per cent of Hong Kong's total land area is unspoilt countryside and mountains.

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