Start Your Romantic Peak Journey
Take Shuttle Bus No. 15C at Central (Pier 7) Bus Terminus
Arrive at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus
Purchase Peak Tram Sky Pass (Peak Tram return tickets + Hong Kong's highest 360° viewing terrace - The Peak Tower's Sky Terrace 428)
  The Peak Tram Historical Gallery - Step back in time
Visit The Peak Tram Historical Gallery (Special highlights is the exhibit of the story of love letters sent by James Rebbeck, a British engineer who came to Hong Kong to help design and install a braking system for the Peak Tram. He was introduced to Lili d'Abbadie and fell in love. The letters detailed his work and the matter of solidifying their engagement. Finally, James and Lili were married in Hong Kong on 21 May 1888, nine days before the opening of the tram. )
  Peak Tram Ride - Over 120 years of tramway excellence
Getting to The Peak by the Peak Tram is an unforgettable experience. The Peak Tram, one of the world’s oldest and most famous funicular railways, rises to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. It's so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning as you travel on a gradient of between 4 to 27 degrees!
  Arrival at The Peak Tower - The most iconic landmark in Hong Kong
Upon your arrival, you will visit one of Hong Kong's most striking landmarks, The Peak Tower. Inside The Peak Tower, there is a dazzling array of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues set against the beautiful backdrop of the city.
  Peak Market
The perfect place to buy something special for friends or relatives. The market features a modern reinterpretation of traditional Hong Kong venues, such as Temple Street and the Ladies Market with vendors selling Chinese artwork, silk collectibles and curios.

Location : Level P1
  Sky Terrace 428
Visit The Sky Terrace 428, the highest viewing terrace in Hong Kong, that offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across Hong Kong. Whether you visit The Peak in the morning, afternoon or at nighttime, The Sky Terrace 428 is a scenic spot that you and your lover not to be missed!
  Romantic Dining
Romantic dining with a view at the Peak just got better. Choose from traditional Asian fare, succulent seafood, modern culinary delights and a wide range of causal dining options as you enjoy some of the most breathtaking and exclusive views of the city.

With four signature restaurants with spectacular harbour view, every dining experience at The Peak Tower is as satisfying as it is memorable for the senses with your lover.

Location: 102, Level 1
Telephone : (852) 2849 5123

Lú Fēng
Location: 3A-B, Level 2&3
Telephone : (852) 2886 8680

Fujiyama Mama
Location: 204, Level 2
Telephone : (852) 2870 0800

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market
Location : 304 - 305, Level 3
Telephone : (852) 2849 2867

Continue Your Hong Kong Romantic Adventure!
Take The Peak Tram ride to Central and continue your Hong Kong Romantic Adventure!
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